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BREAKING: Jan 6 Committee Under Investigation

About time!

The House Republicans launched its probe into the Democrat-Led investigation into the January 6 insurrection on Wednesday (March 8).

A staff member revealed the probe was to ascertain whether the primarily Democratic panel omitted pertinent information about the events in the high-profile examination of the January 6 attack on the Capital.

House Republicans had been critical of the panel since its inception. Wednesday’s review of the January 6 panel’s work seemingly carried out promises many GOP lawmakers made on the 2022 campaign trail.

The House subcommittee on oversight will be examining the trove of records collected by the previous legislative session’s January 6 Panel, intending to analyze how the now-defunct panel conducted the investigation.

The subcommittee — which includes four Republicans and two Democrats — will examine two million records the House Administration — which has set up a portal for the public to provide January 6 information — collected from the former January 6 panel’s investigation.

The examination will focus on the security failures on January 6, with the result being to provide the U.S. Capitol police with more resources and training, in addition to other reforms.

Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk (GA.), an ally of former President Donald Trump who was accused of giving tours of the Capitol days before the January 6 insurrection, will be leading the subcommittee’s probe.

Video footage showed Loudermilk giving a guided tour of the House office complex when the Capitol complex was closed to visitors because of pandemic restrictions.

However, Loudermilk insists the tour group he was leading wasn’t using the tour to scope out the Capitol complex ahead of the insurrection.