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GOP Voters In Search Of New Leader


Here’s what they are saying…

Media sources are now alleging that as the Jan. 6 committee continues to hold these hearings to incriminate Trump, GOP voters are now looking for another leader other than former President Donald Trump.

According to The Conversation, questions are now rising about whether or not the Justice Department will actually indict former President Donald Trump for the Capitol riot.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has vowed that everyone involved in the Capitol riot will be held accountable however no former President has ever been criminally charged. Garland would make history if he was to dare to attempt to indict Trump.


Republicans across America would be shocked to see Trump actually get indicited.

Now the liberal media is alleging that because of all of this information which is coming out of the hearings, Republican voters want someone else to take control of the GOP and run for president in 2024.

Some experts believe that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be a better suited candidate for the presidency because former President Trump has too much negative attention surrounding him.

Both DeSantis and Trump are battling very closely in the polls for the number one spot and it has become clear that if Trump is unable to run in 2024 then DeSantis will take his spot. In July of last year Trump led DeSantis by 47% to 19%. However this year Trump and DeSantis are virtually neck and neck at 39% for DeSantis and 37% for Trump.