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Trump Not 2024 Republican Nominee?


Get a load of this.

None other than Republican coward and former House Speaker Paul Ryan is now claiming that he does NOT think former President Donald Trump will be the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidency.

According to Fox, Paul Ryan, who has a bad relationship with Trump, said, “I think Trump’s un-electability will be palpable by then. We all know he will lose, or let me put it this way: we all know he’s much more likely to lose the White House than anybody else running for president on our side of the aisle. So why would we want to go with that?”

The former Republican House Speaker then explained that Trump is only where he is now because “everybody is afraid of him. They’re afraid of him going after them, hurting their own ambition.”


Ryan added that he thinks GOP candidates who want to run against Trump in 2024 will be patient in doing so because they don’t want backlash from MAGA voters.

“I think people will delay their decisions, and they’ll wait for somebody else to take the first plunge to take the ire of Trump, to have him go after that person and try and hurt them with MAGA voters, so then they can follow behind,” Ryan explained.

Ryan referred to this as a prisoner’s dilemma but urged Republicans who wanted to challenge Trump to dive in head first so they can get a head start if they plan on defeating him.