Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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GOP Losing Faith In Trump

Is Trump losing momentum?

There are now reports circulating that former President Donald Trump is losing his iron-tight grip on the Republican Party.

According to The Hill, while Trump’s influence over the GOP and Republican voters is still currently unmatched, party strategists are now questioning if it will last and for how much longer will Trump dominate the GOP.

One experienced Republican consultant stated, “There’s … been a few people out there predicting this mass exodus from Trump. This isn’t that. But the truth is, he’s just less of a factor than he was two years ago or four years ago. There’s more leeway to go your own direction.”

Furthermore, when it comes to Senate races in Alabama, North Carolina and Alaska, Trump’s preferred candidates haven’t gained as much support as they were expected to.

“I think even a couple of years ago, it would have been a lot riskier to stay in a primary against one of his candidates,” the expert stated. “I’m not saying his endorsement doesn’t matter. There’s just a path forward without it.”

While it is safe to say that Trump currently is the top dog in the GOP, he is going to have to be more aggressive if he wants to keep it that way until 2024.


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