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Trump Accused Of Defrauding His Supporters

People will say anything to smear Donald Trump.

GOP staffer Tara Setmayer foolishly claimed that former President Donald Trump has deceived his supporters by redirecting campaign funds to cover his legal expenses instead of using them for the intended purposes. Despite being the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and enjoying a significant lead in polls, Trump faces numerous legal battles, including federal and state criminal indictments. While he maintains his innocence and gains support from his followers with each round of charges, the mounting legal cases have resulted in increasing legal expenses.

According to Newsweek, during a recent episode of the MSNBC show hosted by Jonathan Capehart, it was revealed that the fine print in Trump’s campaign fundraising emails disclosed a diversion of 10 percent of the funds to his “Save America” political action committee (PAC), which is used to cover his legal bills. Setmayer, who now works with the anti-Trump conservative PAC The Lincoln Project, criticized this arrangement as a continuous scheme to deceive Trump’s supporters.

Setmayer stated, “It’s the grift that keeps on giving. Look, since the Republican National Committee (RNC) is no longer paying for his legal bills, they have to find another way, and the Donald Trump campaign has taken advantage of his supporters.”

Having previously served as the communications director for former GOP Representative Dana Rohrabacher, Setmayer left the Republican Party in 2020 and declared herself an independent. She expressed her astonishment at how Trump successfully convinces his followers that he is their champion, despite the evidence of diverting campaign funds for personal use. Setmayer also mentioned The Lincoln Project’s advertisement called “Sucker,” which highlights this issue and has been updated to reflect ongoing developments.

The Trump campaign recently reported raising approximately $35 million in the second quarter of 2023, with notable spikes in donations following Trump’s criminal indictments. The shift from diverting 1 percent to 10 percent of donations to the “Save America” PAC was a recent development, as revealed by a New York Times report in late June. This change was only apparent in the fine print of fundraising emails.

Maybe the Democrats and President Biden should stop treating the DOJ as their own personal henchmen and using them to destroy Donald Trump for anything and everything they can find. It’s important to remember that Donald Trump is Joe Biden’s political rival. Biden using the DOJ to target Trump is something that is only seen in nations controlled by dictators.