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Kamala Gets Unexpected Guests


America needs answers from Biden and Kamala.

For the second time just this week, Vice President Kamala Harris was greeted with another bus full of illegal migrants just outside of her Washington, D.C. home.

According to Newsmax, around 50 men, women and children were dropped off at Kamala’s front door. They were sent by Republican Governor Greg Abbott and initially came here via the southern border from South America.

SAMU First Response members were near Kamala’s home to intercept the migrants and give them assistance including plastic bags with several essentials.

SAMU’s website explained, “Our support to these migrants aims to reinstate a sense of security and dignity so they can continue their journey.”


This is exactly what President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris need to see firsthand how bad the border crisis has gotten under their leadership.

So far, Repulican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey have shipped thousands of migrants across the country to Democrat states in an attempt to raise awareness of just how overwhelmed the border has become.

Abbott openly admitted that he is “sending a direct message” to Vice President Kamala Harris to please do something quickly.

Hopefully Kamala Harris opens her front door and sees just how bad her and President Biden have made the country.