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McConnell Sinks GOP


McConnell is failing to carry out his duties.

In a move that should’ve happened long ago, House Republicans are now expressing anger towards Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for agreeing to pass a bill to fund the federal government without adding anything beneficial for the GOP into the package.

McConnell basically gave President Biden and the Democrats everything they want without doing anything for the GOP.

According to Fox, a number of House Republicans expressed anger towards McConnell for giving Biden everything he wanted. Republican Rep. Chip Roy explained, “To say that the Senate caved a little bit or a little early or whatever is an understatement.”


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also believes McConnell and Senate Republicans made a huge mistake by giving Democrats the upper hand. McCarthy believes McConnell should have done more to get border problems under control.

“Democrats’ open border policies have led to an unprecedented crisis, and they have no plan to secure the border,” McCarthy said.

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz explained, “A deal that vanquished poison pills and went to January would enhance the leverage of Republicans, who are expected to win the House majority, to dictate policy terms. Instead, what McConnell and others have done is to diminish that leverage.”

Republicans should look for new leadership instead of continuing to let McConnell sell out the GOP to Democrats who want to further destroy this country and abuse their power.