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VIDEO: White House Lies To Save Biden


Trying to defend this is just foolish.

As you already know, President Biden shocked America and dealt immense pain to the family of late Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski after he called for her during a recent speech after forgetting that she was tragically killed in a car accident earlier this year.

Now the White House has come out and is actually covering for Biden instead of just openly accepting that President Biden made a mistake due to his poor mental health.

According to Fox News, White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson attempted to defend Biden and said in a statement, “The President speaks directly and candidly — straight from the shoulder, as he often says.”


Patterson then said, “Doing so has been critical to his success in everything from rallying the world to support Ukraine to empowering Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. And when he feels the need to add context to something he said, or to direct his staff to do so — as every President has  he doesn’t hesitate to.” 

President Biden’s White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre however completely fumbled the ball and argued that Biden accidentally called for Walorski simply because she was on the top of his mind.


YIKES! These people are insane and wildly offensive.