Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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[Video] Biden Flees From Reporters

Biden is in way over his head.

President Biden was trying his best to try lay under the radar and hope that he could make it through his 4 year presidency without any hiccups.

Sadly, everything began to collapse from his very first day in the White House and now Biden has a very serious international conflict on his hands that he doesn’t know how to fix.

Currently, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is expected to invade the Ukraine and declare war. President Biden knows that he needs to stop Putin however he is too weak to intimidate him.

The US State Department just issued a level 4 travel advisory for Americans and told the ones in Kyiv to leave Ukraine immediately because a war was about to break out.

Now Biden is considering sending thousands of American troops to help defend Ukraine but it is unclear if he actually will.

Now things appear even worse because Biden recently landed on the South Lawn of the White House and decided to hide from reporters who were asking very important questions about the very serious issue at hand.


Looks like Biden doesn’t know what to do.


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