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Nikki Haley’s True Motives Exposed


Could this be true?

Ex-national security adviser and known Trump-hater John Bolton shocked Americans when he claimed that his former colleague Republican Nikki Haley was only running for the presidency in 2024 because in reality she wants to be the Vice President.

According to The Hill, Bolton explained, “I think Nikki’s really running for vice president, that’s my sense. I think she has a problem because she first said she wouldn’t run if President Trump ran.”

While it’s clear that Bolton cannot be trusted, it would make sense that Nikki Haley is looking to secure the vice president position. Haley knows that the conservative voter base only wants either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis in 2024. Haley making a big splash early on could put her in the prime position to get elected as a running by either of the two men.


Bolton then said, “Her justification for changing was that a lot of things have changed, which I don’t think is very convincing. I think Trump will have a lot of fun with her.”

Bolton then talked about how he himself was considering a 2024 run. He stated, “I’m still considering; I’m not in yet. The more people I talk to, the more convinced I become that Trump can’t possibly get the Republican party nomination.”

So far when it comes to ex-Trump officials, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Nikki Haley are all considering a 2024 presidential run.

Additionally, Republicans Tim Scott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are also considering a 2024 run as well.