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Liberal Media Turns Its Back On President Biden and Democrats

Does the mainstream media finally have common sense? Probably not but this is a good start.

In an unexpected acknowledgment on Thursday, NBC’s Chuck Todd expressed agreement with Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s assertion that transporting migrants to Democratic-leaning cities could result in Democratic politicians turning against the Biden administration and exerting pressure on the White House to address border control.

According to Fox, in a preview of an upcoming segment on “Meet the Press,” Todd discussed the escalating “humanitarian crisis” in New York City caused by an influx of migrants overwhelming city shelters and straining resources. Accompanied by visuals of migrants camping on New York City streets and a visibly concerned Mayor Eric Adams, Todd conveyed the situation.

Todd stated, “Coming up, New York City’s growing humanitarian crisis. The shelter system, slammed by an influx of migrants. New calls for federal help. I guess Greg Abbott was right. He said once he got blue cities to deal with this, that they would be very upset at the federal government.”

Earlier on that Thursday, Mayor Adams reiterated his plea for increased federal intervention, cautioning that the ongoing migrant crisis in the sanctuary city could lead to devastating consequences. New York City has repeatedly announced its inability to accommodate more migrants and has struggled with the influx of individuals arriving, both independently and with the aid of Texas, where Governor Abbott has arranged for buses to transport migrants to cities like New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Adams revealed that the projected cost of managing the migrant influx could exceed $12 billion by 2025. He noted that nearly 100,000 asylum seekers had arrived in the city within the past year alone. Describing the situation as overwhelming, Adams implored for additional support from both the state and federal government.

Adams’ comments came shortly after Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey declared a state of emergency due to a surge in migrants, emphasizing the strain on social services and seeking increased funding and federal assistance.

Healey, a Democrat, stated that the state of emergency was declared “due to rapid and continuous increases in the number of families with children and pregnant individuals — many of whom are recently arrived migrants and refugees — residing within the state without access to safe shelter in our communities.”

Massachusetts and New York City, as well as Chicago and the state of New York, have all declared emergencies this year and requested assistance in response to the migrant influx, despite their geographical distance from the southern border.

Meanwhile, Texas continues to transport migrants by bus to sanctuary cities nationwide, including Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Governor Abbott has maintained that migrant relocations will persist until the federal government addresses the border crisis.

While Democrats and the Biden administration have criticized the migrant bussing strategy as political posturing, Republicans like Abbott assert that the approach is aimed at distributing the migrant burden while compelling Democratic politicians and the White House to confront the severity of the border crisis.

Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, praised Abbott’s transportation approach as “one of the most astute decisions made by a governor” in recent years.