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Trump Blamed For Biden’s Failures


This is absolutely insane.

President Biden and the Democrats have sent this country to hell in a handbasket. Liberals know it, conservatives know it, everyone knows it. The only problem now is who is everyone going to blame.

It looks like the Democrats are now trying to blame former President Donald Trump for the crumbling economy and the mainstream media is running with it.

In a recent interview with GOP War Room, President Biden’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sat down with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart to discuss the state of the country.

It all began when Capehart asked Jean-Pierre, “There’s a fear of looming recession. Poll after poll show that voters say they trust Republicans more than Democrats when it comes to the economy. What’s the Administration’s response that persistent view among the electorate?”


Jean-Pierre decided to do President Biden’s bidding and blamed none other than Trump for the poor economy.

She responded, “We have always said we understand what the American public is dealing with. We understand that there are high costs and we understand that they are feeling very squeezed right now.”

She then called out Trump directly and said, “When the president walked into this administration, the economy was in ruins. It was in absolute ruins.”