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Biden Ally Gets Betrayed

Biden Ally Gets Betrayed


Things are getting worse for him!

Most of America already knows about the bombshell sexual harassment scandal surrounding President Joe Biden’s favorite Governor Andrew Cuomo.

But now things have gotten even worse after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio completely abandoned Cuomo as well and called on his immediate resignation.

According to Newsmax, de Blasio completely disown his former close friend Cuomo and said, “The whole thing has been so painful. When you read this report — 11 women systematically wronged, 11 women affronted by a powerful guy who could crush their career and their reputation and he’s the kind of guy that everyone assumes would if you crossed him.”

De Blasio added, “And he harassed them, he assaulted them in several cases — it’s not even close — and then he has the audacity to say, ‘Oh, you know, I like to hug people.’”

Then after being asked if Cuomo should step down, de Blasio said “yeah”.


“If you assault a woman, you do something against her will sexually, that’s criminal. And the Albany County district attorney is looking at that and I think he should be charged.”

“Putting your hand up a woman’s shirt and touching their breast is not generational,” the NYC mayor stressed. “I know plenty of guys who are older who would never in a million years do that.”

Currently, Governor Cuomo has made no claim of resigning from his position and seems to be brushing off the despicable act as if it were a small matter.

President Joe Biden, who was a close ally to Cuomo, has been forced to distance himself and also claims he should step down.

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