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Biden To Give Stimulus Checks To Illegals

Here are the details…

The Build Back Better Act recently passed through the House of Representatives and is now one step closer to reaching President Biden desk for signing into law.

That also means that with the Build Back Better Act passing, many Americans, as well as illegals, could soon be getting something similar to “stimulus checks” in 2022.

Currently, many families with young children are receiving payments through the Child Tax Credit which is set to expire in December. Now according to Newseek, President Biden’s Build Back Better Act would extend the Child Tax Credit until the end of 2022 and could also give illegals a Child Tax Credit as well.

This plan to expand the payments to families with children will cost America roughly $2 trillion and is going to be met with a lot of pushback in the Senate, however if it is passed many families with young kids will get money for another year.

While this isn’t a traditional “stimulus check” like the first three checks Americans received at the height of the pandemic, many people are still happy to be receiving money.

What conservatives are currently upset about is that if Biden’s Build Back Better act does pass, It would also give money to parents and children who do not have social security numbers. This means that illegal families would also soon receive payments.

Currently, all children who qualify for a Child Tax Credit must have a social security number. However, their parents do not. So there are many illegal adults who are getting the Child Tax Credit because their children are legal citizens of the United States. Biden’s plan aims to eliminate any requirement of a social security number by both child or parent to receive financial support.

Currently, the bill is waiting to be passed in the Senate and if it goes unchanged millions of illegals could also receive a Child Tax Credit.