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Pelosi Out? Lost Control Of Dem Party

Pelosi Out? Lost Control Of Dem Party

What will Pelosi do?

In a shocking turn of events, Senator Kyrsten Sinema has just threatened to torpedo President Biden’s social spending plan if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other House Democrats don’t move along and pass the infrastructure package which they have intentionally stalled.

The New York Times reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in September submitted to Progressive House Democrats and cancelled a vote on the infrastructure plan.

Now, Sen. Sinema is saying she will vote against Biden’s social spending bill which would jeopardize everything the Democrats have been working on since Biden took office in 2020.

If these bills don’t pass successful because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot reach a compromise between progressive and moderate Democrats, she can guarantee that her career as House Speaker will be over.

Currently, Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are the only two senators hold both if these bills from passing and both of them have become targets by angry liberals who desperately want the bills passed which many economists have warned against.