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Liberal Media Throws Kamala Under The Bus


Democrats are about to erupt!

The website PolitiFact, known for its analysis of political statements, conducted a rigorous fact-check of Vice President Kamala Harris’ claim about her approval ratings, which turned out to be false.

According to Fox, during a recent interview with ABC News, Harris was questioned about her low polling numbers, specifically mentioning that she held “the lowest approval rating of any vice president.

ABC’s Linsey Davis asked whether Harris believed that her race and gender played a role in her approval ratings, to which Harris responded by attempting to dispute the claim. She mentioned that there were polls indicating she had high approval ratings and emphasized the need to focus on the accomplishments of her administration.


However, a report published on Tuesday contradicted her assertion, stating that public polling results did not support her claim. PolitiFact highlighted that as of the time of the ABC News interview, the average approval rating according to FiveThirtyEight was 39.7%, with 52.3% disapproving, resulting in a net approval rating of -12.6 percentage points. The most recent poll showing higher approval than disapproval was from October 2021, over 100 polls ago, with a narrow margin of error.

PolitiFact emphasized that Harris’ polling average had not been in positive territory since October 2021. They cited several recent polls indicating her approval rating ranged from 39% to 42%, and her disapproval rating ranged from 51% to 57%.

When seeking evidence to support Harris’ statement, the White House provided examples of early polls during Harris’ tenure showing positive approval ratings. They also noted that certain voter subgroups, such as 72% of Black voters in the July SSRS/CNN poll, expressed strong approval of Harris. However, PolitiFact still rated her statement as False based on the overall data.

This assessment by PolitiFact marked a significant contrast from their previous support of Harris’ statement regarding Florida’s Black history curriculum, where she claimed that middle school students in the state would be taught that enslaved people benefited from slavery. PolitiFact had initially deemed this claim as “mostly true.” However, this fact-check spotlighted a different perspective, illustrating a divide in interpretations of the curriculum. Harris’ comments sparked a dispute with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Dr. William Allen, who helped develop the curriculum, asserted that her characterization of it was categorically false. He argued that the grammar and context of the curriculum standards contradicted her claim.