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U.S. Targeted By Enemy Nation


Is this the most serious threat to date?

On Saturday, North Korea organized nationwide mass rallies commemorating the “day of struggle against U.S. imperialism,” as reported by the country’s propaganda outlet. These gatherings, held in each province, featured numerous government leaders who vehemently condemned the United States as “imperialist beasts,” as stated by the state-run Korean Central News Agency. In the capital city of Pyongyang alone, approximately 120,000 individuals attended the rally, according to the propaganda wing.

According to Fox, the propaganda outlet showcased signs with messages such as “The entire continental US is within our range!” and “The imperialist U.S. is the destroyer of peace.” These demonstrations took place on the 73rd anniversary of the commencement of the Korean War, which coincides with the designated “day of struggle against U.S. imperialism.”


In 2019, former President Trump engaged in disarmament negotiations with North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. However, no agreement was reached. Subsequently, under the Biden administration, Kim has conducted tests of new nuclear missiles with the intention of extending their range to reach the United States.

During the rally, government leaders asserted that North Korea possesses the “strongest absolute weapon to punish the U.S. imperialists,” according to the propaganda outlet. Additionally, other speakers at the event recounted the hardships their nation endured during the Korean War, describing how the “blood of innocent people was flowing like a river in all parts where the enemies’ dirty footsteps reached,” as reported by the propaganda outlet.