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Top Republicans Defends Biden’s Son


Is he right? A lot of conservatives don’t think so.

According to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), the discovery of cocaine in the White House does not likely belong to Hunter Biden.

In a recent episode of his podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz, the senator expressed his opinion on the matter, stating that it is peculiar that the authorities claim to be unable to determine the owner of the drugs.

Cruz mentioned the speculation on Twitter suggesting that the cocaine must belong to Hunter Biden, but he personally believes that it is unlikely. Cruz acknowledged that he cannot be certain, but pointed out that while Hunter has a history of drug use, he doubts that Hunter frequents the West Wing or uses that particular entrance often.


In transcript provided by Breitbart, Cruz explained, “I think it is in all likelihood someone who works in the Biden administration. Some senior Biden official, which makes the cover-up all the more astonishing. You’re telling me with the cameras that they have there, with the Secret Service they have there, with the Marine detail they have there, that nobody can figure out, ‘Hey! Who left the bag of cocaine by the front door of the West Wing of the White House?’ I mean that is, or the side door, that’s insane and the only reason they would put out a statement saying, ‘We will never know who it was’ is the same reason why the DOJ and the FBI is engaged in a cover-up of Hunter Biden’s acts of criminality, of Joe Biden’s acts of criminality, of the evidence of corruption. Sadly, this administration is more than willing to politicize.”

Secret Service officers discovered a substance inside the White House during their regular patrols on Sunday. The substance in question allegedly tested positive for cocaine.

In a social media post, Secret Service veteran Dan Bongino asserted that it is highly unlikely for anyone other than a family member to have brought the cocaine into the White House complex. Bongino emphasized that the substance would not have made it through the mandatory security checkpoints and stated that family members have the privilege of bypassing those security measures.