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DeSantis Did What For Trump’s Endorsement?


Did this really happen?

Former President Donald Trump seems unable to recall a pleasant encounter he had with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, using his rally in Waco, Texas, on Saturday to reenact how DeSantis begged for his endorsement in 2018.

Trump shared his typical rhetoric during his Waco campaign rally. He took shots at his detractors, opponents, state and federal investigations into his alleged wrongdoing, and the justice system in general.

DeSantis featured prominently during the speech.

The former President credited himself with helping DeSantis win Florida’s Gubernatorial race in 2018, explaining that DeSantis came to him when he had “almost nothing” in the polls, no campaign funds, and very little chance of winning to plea for the then-President’s endorsement.

Trump recalled that DeSantis approached him because “he really wanted it,” adding that he asserted, “You can’t win, can you?”


The former President recalled DeSantis having “tears in his eyes” when he stated, “Sir, if you endorsed me, I’ll win.”

Earlier in the month, Trump suggested he likely regrets endorsing DeSantis for Florida Governor in 2018.

During Saturday’s rally, he seemingly highlighted that regret by suggesting that Florida “has been successful for decades,” claiming that it could have been more successful in the past than it is now.

But Trump’s shots at DeSantis weren’t met with the same unanimous applause from the crowd as the audience afforded to other Trump opponents, displaying DeSantis growing influence in the GOP.

In a recent head-to-head primary poll in Iowa, DeSantis has also taken a nearly double-digit lead over Trump, following the Florida Governor’s Hints that he’d only announce a 2024 White House bid once Florida’s current legislative session ends.