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White House Caught Giving Taxpayer Money To Illegals


You won’t belief this.

President Biden and his administration has just given the green light to give a whopping $41 million in taxpayer-backed government contracts to a liberal nonprofit which is fighting to keep illegals here in the United States.

It’s astounding. President Biden decides to do this while it’s very obvious that the southern border is in complete shambles.

According to Fox, Biden is giving this taxpayer money to The Acacia Center for Justice organization to help them achieve their goal of keeping as many illegal immigrants as possible here in the United States instead of having them deported.

The group’s website says, “The objective of the Acacia Center for Justice (“Acacia”) is to expand on Vera’s work over the past twenty years inĀ providing legal supportĀ and representation to immigrants facing deportation through the development, coordination and management of national networks of legal services providers serving immigrants across the country.”


The nonprofit group which President Biden just funded has two main goals.

The first goal being, “to support immigrant legal services and defense networks to provide exceptional legal services to immigrants.”

And the second goal of being, “to advocate for the expansion of these programs and the infrastructure critical to guaranteeing immigrants access to justice, fairness and freedom.”

This nonprofit group which Biden has funded has openly stated that they view immigration enforcement agencies as a “threat” to civil liberties.

So, instead of fixing the southern border, President Biden and the Democrats are now giving large nonprofit groups money to fight the government and keep the illegals who have entered our southern border here in the United States.