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Biden Kicks Out Kamala?

Kamala is unfit.

President Biden and his administration has been struggling from the moment they took office. Conservatives in the media have been puzzled by the very little accomplishments Vice President Kamala Harris has under her belt since taking office.

As a result, Kamala Harris’ approval rating is in the gutter and America is struggling to stay afloat.

Now, rumors have surfaced from Fox’s Chad Pergram that President Biden is looking to drop Harris like a hot potato and find her replacement.

According to Sky News, Pergram shocked everyone when he went on Bret Baier’s podcast and admitted, “I got an email from someone who really knows this place very well. He said, Chad, start to familiarise yourself with the confirmation process, just not in the Senate, but the House for a Vice President.”

Pergram suggested that he was told to “brush up” on the legal procedures of removing and replacing a vice president.

He then said, “Of course, we’ve not gone through that since President Ford picked Nelson Rockefeller. But I was very surprised to get that very cryptic email just a couple of weeks ago.