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Church CANCELS Biden

Biden’s Catholic faith is in question.

After thousands of Catholic leaders demanded that President Biden be denied Communion over his stance on abortion, U.S. Bishops decided to hold a meeting in Baltimore to decide Biden’s fate in the Church.

Bishops chose to not mention Biden by name in the document they passed regarding Communion.

According to Fox News, the document urged Catholics with political and other forms of leadership, such as President Biden, to include their religious values in their decisions to “embody the church.”

“Lay people who exercise some form of public authority have a special responsibility to embody Church teaching in their service to the common good,” the document said. Thankfully for Biden, the the bishops decided to not call him out by name which they could have done.

Biden claims to be personally opposed to abortion however he does not believe that he should impose his religious beliefs on other Americans.

Following his recent meeting with the pope, Biden claimed that the pope was happy he was a good Catholic and he was going to keep receiving Communion. However, the pope did not give him Communion during their meeting.