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Biden To Pay Out 300 Million Dollars?


Here’s what happened…

President Biden has just been slapped with a $340 million lawsuit from a Native American tribe based out of the state of California.

According to Fox, the Native American tribe is suing President Biden because they are alleging that contractors owe millions in restoration efforts for a river which has been decimated.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe is saying that the U.S. Department of the Interior did not follow the necessary laws needed to pay towards habitat restoration projects in exchange for water they used.


They are not asking the Biden Administration to pay out $340 million for environmental restoration work on the Trinity river which flows through their tribe.

The river that Biden is responsible for destroying has been a major source of water for over 60 years for many in the area including farmers.

Fisheries director for the Hoopa Valley Tribe Mike Orcutt explained, “An integral part of the life here is the Trinity River. That changed dramatically in the 1950s when Congress chose to dam up the river. We’ve been fighting for decades to right that wrong.”