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Is Biden Killing U.S. Jobs?

Is Biden Killing U.S. Jobs?


Is Biden Killing U.S. Jobs?

Republican Airs Biden’s DIRTY Laundry

In a recent interview with ABC, Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NY) said what all Democrats refuse to admit but secretly know is 100% true.

Christie admitted that Biden completely dropped the ball on his infrastructure deal and let progressives like Ocasio-Cortez get the better of him.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Christie said, “I had a political science professor who said when your adversary is willing to commit suicide, there’s no reason to commit murder. The result is the same. It’s the death of 2020 Joe Biden. When he went to the Hill, 2020, Joe Biden is now officially dead and buried. The guy who ran against the progressives ran against Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, ran to be a uniter in this country, ran saying he was going to force compromise. And he went up to Capitol Hill, and he capitulated to the progressives, the liberals in his party. And why should we be surprised? He couldn’t stand up to the Taliban. How could we expect him to stand up to AOC?

ABC’s Jonathan Karl replied, “That’s a partisan take to be sure.”

Christie fired back and said, “No, no, no!” Hold on a second? Did he stand up to the Taliban? Why is that partisan? He hasn’t stood up to anyone except for the people in his own party who nominated him.”

Panelist Donna Brazile replied, “Donald Trump was inviting the Taliban to Camp David.”