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EPIC! Veteran Leaves Gov. Officials Cowering

EPIC! Veteran Leaves Gov. Officials Cowering


“This is a Warning For What’s Coming!”

A U.S. war veteran and business owner in Shasta County, California left everyones jaw on the floor in a speech to the county’s Board of Supervisors and it was EPIC!

According to the Gateway Pundit, Carlos Zapata spoke on behalf of his struggling family and the families in his town, who are unable to work due to the ridiculous rules placed upon them due to fears of the coronavirus.

Zapata warned if things don’t change fast, a revolution is brewing.

“At first we sat as concerned citizens….as we realized that [Covid] is not as quite as dangerous as we thought it would be, I was absolutely appalled at the cowardice — and you guys are sitting here with your masks on — I don’t blame you for wearing masks because I would be hiding my face if I was you for what you’re doing,” Zapata began.

He then said, “I’m a business owner and I’m telling you, our families are starving — you guys can sit here with your jobs — you’re gonna sit here and get paid to fall asleep in your chair like that gentleman’s doing behind his mask right there.”

Right now we’re being peaceful and you better be happy we’re good citizens, that we’re peaceful citizens but it’s not gonna be peaceful much longer — and this isn’t a threat — I’m not a criminal, I’ve never been a criminal but I’m telling you real good citizens are going to turn into real concerned and revolutionary citizens real soon. And nobody else is gonna say that. I’m probably the only person that has the balls to say what I’m saying right now.”

“We’re building and we’re organizing and we’ll work with law enforcement or without law enforcement but you won’t stop us when the time comes because our families are starving!” he added.

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Image credit: National Review