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Trump Wins In The Most Unexpected Way


Trump needs to be Trump again.

Republicans are faced with the reality that the more crowded the GOP primary gets, the more that boosts former President Donald Trump’s chances to win the GOP nomination in 2024. So far, three separate candidates have already joined the race, with some of the most speculated potential candidates not yet having made an announcement regarding their decision on whether or not they will place a bid for the White House.

Trump was the first major Republican to join the Republican primary, back in November of 2022. In recent months, it has become glaringly obvious that the bigger the number of candidates in the Republican primary, the more the votes toward other candidates get split which allows the former President to emerge as the leader of the pack. The extensive competition also does not allow for a clear opposing candidate to emerge against Trump.


Early polls show Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the most likely challenger against Trump in 2024. However, while the two are close to one another in a hypothetical one-on-one matchup when more candidates are added to the mix Trump wins a clear majority.

Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist, and former congressional candidate stated that the most important thing to remember is that “Trump has the highest floor, DeSantis has the highest ceiling.” He added that in a “seven-ring circus” having “the highest floor is more important,” but that could be different in a “two-ring circus.”