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Trump Destroys Biden Over Huge Failure

Trump hit Biden with a brutal reality check.

Former President Donald Trump momentarily set aside his legal battles to address and critique President Joe Biden’s handling of the ongoing crises in various global trouble spots, particularly in the Middle East. He referred to the situation as a “tragedy,” emphasizing that a significant number of lives have been lost unnecessarily due to the perceived incompetence and weakness of the current administration.

In Transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump hammered Biden saying, “As I successfully fight these Political Opponent Lawsuits, all created and started by Crooked Joe Biden and his group of Radical Left Thugs, I realize how insignificant they are compared to the horror of what is going on with Israel and the Middle East, where thousands of people have so needlessly died, in a war that should have never started, and millions could very easily follow, all due to the highly incompetent Biden Administration and their policies of Weakness and Appeasement (and of being just plain stupid!).”

Trump further extended this concern to other global flashpoints, such as the situation between Ukraine and Russia, which he implied might not have escalated to its current state under his own administration. He argued that various global hot spots have the potential to result in significant problems and loss of life.

“This is true also with Ukraine/Russia, which would never have started under the Trump Administration, and many other ‘hot spots’ around the globe that could easily lead to big problems and death,” Trump added.

He also briefly mentioned economic concerns, like inflation, which he believes might not have occurred if he were still in office.

In addition to these geopolitical concerns, Trump noted that he is currently facing a $250 million fraud trial initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. He mentioned recent accusations by James regarding the Trump Organization’s failure to provide evidence in the trial, suggesting that an independent monitor may be appointed to review electronic data dating back to the fall of 2016.