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Trump’s Panicked Warning To Republicans


Republicans shouldn’t take this lightly.

Former President Donald Trump has issued a dire warning to Republican lawmakers and are telling them not to fall into “traps” that are being set by Democrats using entitlement programs and abortion.

According to Newsmax, Trump warned that GOP candidates lost the midterms after news began circulating that the Republicans were going to cut Social Security benefits for seniors.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats capitalized off of this and pushes claims that the GOP was going to cut Social Security just before the midterms.

Trump stated, “They fell into the Democrat trap. I heard that. A couple guys were talking about it, and I said ‘That’s the end of his career.'”


Trump added, “But it isn’t a question of the career. It’s a contract with the people. They’ve paid. They’ve worked. They’re entitled to it. There are so many things we can cut that is far more money than we’re talking about. There are so many things. You don’t have to cut Social Security. I would never do it.

Trump then pointed to abortion and said that it was another trap Democrats were catching Republicans in.

Trump explained, “Well, people need to be smart and you need people who believe in the right thing. People do what they believe. If somebody really doesn’t believe in the exceptions, which I wouldn’t understand — rape, incest, the life of the mother, to me that’s pretty easy to believe in — but if somebody doesn’t believe in it then they have to follow their heart.”

Republicans need to come together and reach a solid understanding of what their game plan is moving forward. Just before the midterms news was circulating about Republicans looking to cut Social Security benefits for Seniors. The GOP needs to come together on key issues the Democrats defeated them in.