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Biden Puts Criminals On The Streets


What is Biden thinking?

In a move that has left a lot of Americans very upset, President Biden has just decided to pardon six people who were serving sentences for charges that were related to murder, drugs and alcohol related crimes.

According to Newsmax, President Biden even pardoned a woman who was convicted of killing her husband and a man who was found guilty of doing a cocaine transaction over the telephone in the 1970s.

These new pardons come just a few months after Biden already pardoned thousands of people for “simple possession” of marijuana charges where he also commuted the sentences of 75 others.


President Biden has repeatedly said a number of times now that he does not want to imprison people for low-level crimes, particularly low-level drug possession, because of the negative impact it has on families.

Sadly, Biden now looks like an even bigger hypocrite than ever before because in the 1990s he supported crime legislation that increased the arrest of people committing drug crimes. Biden’s decision negatively impacted Black and Latino people more than anyone else.

Biden’s pardons were announced while he was vacationing in St. Croix.