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Biden Family Pays For Their Crimes


Will we finally see some accountability with the Biden family?

According to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, there are additional witnesses and sources who will come forward in relation to his panel’s investigation into alleged bribery and influence peddling involving President Biden and his family. Comer, speaking on “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News, stated that despite their limited authority compared to the Justice Department and executive branch Cabinet offices, he and his colleagues have made significant progress in uncovering relevant information for the probe.

According to Fox, Comer acknowledged the obstacles they faced but emphasized their determination to overcome them. He highlighted their success in obtaining bank records and access to suspicious activity reports from the Treasury Department’s Cabinet, despite initial doubts. However, mainstream media dismissed the significance of these reports.


During their investigation, Comer claimed to have discovered indirect wire transfers originating from Romania and China to nine members of the Biden family while Joe Biden served as vice president. He alleged that these transfers were conducted through shell companies. The discovery of an FBI 1023 form has further deepened the investigation, with Comer accusing the Justice Department of ignoring the bribery allegations outlined in the document.

Comer cited the reluctance of the FBI and IRS to fully investigate the claims against Hunter Biden, focusing only on tax evasion-related matters. He viewed this as part of a pattern where government agencies turn a blind eye to Joe Biden. The House Oversight Committee’s responsibility, according to Comer, is to trace the flow of money, and he revealed that more bank records are forthcoming.

The committee plans to depose key individuals involved in the alleged influence-peddling schemes of the Biden family, indicating that there is much more to come in their investigation. Despite facing opposition from the FBI, DOJ, congressional Democrats, and mainstream media, Comer believes they are on the right track and will continue to fight for the truth.