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Former Trump Campaign Manager Accuses Trump Of Woman’s Death

This is insane.

In a shocking turn of events, it has now been learned that Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale completely betrayed the former President and told Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson that he was “asking for civil war” after the Capitol riot and that he was responsible for the death of a woman.

 According to CNN, in text messages which were subpoenaed by the January 6 Select Committee, Parscale wrote, “this is about trump’s pushing for uncertainty…A sitting president asking for civil war…This week I feel guilty for helping him win.”

Pierson replied, “you did what you felt right at the time. And therefore it was right.”

Parscale replied, “yeah, but a woman is dead” and “yeah, if I was trump and I knew my rhetoric killed someone.”

Pierson responded: “it wasn’t rhetoric.” 

Parscale replied, “Katrina. Yes it was.”

The January 6th Committee along with Republican Liz Cheney are doing everything in their power to destroy Trump’s chances of running again in 2024.