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McCarthy Says Trump Is Finished

This is surprising information.

It is now being alleged in the new book, “Thank You for Your Servitude: Donald Trump’s Washington and the Price of Submission,” that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy believes former President Donald Trump lost to President Biden in the election because Trump was just “too much.”

According to Insider, the book claimed that McCarthy believed Trump lost votes because there was “too much stimulus, too much exposure. That got Biden a lot of votes.”

The book alleged that in 2017 McCarthy felt like Trump was somewhat annoying and doing too much. McCarthy said, “It was just too much”

A person that was left anonymous apparently told McCarthy, “People are just going to be worn out,” by Trump.

“They were sick of his face on their screens and the space he occupied in their heads,” the book claims McCarthy said. “Trump had become a burning irritant across every realm, like a national canker sore.”

McCarthy even at one point referred to as Trump as a “massive headache.”

The book author Mark Leibovich further claimed that McCarthy was under immense pressure by Trump to do what he was told. “It was as if the former president were sitting on his shoulder, watching for any sign of disloyalty,” Leibovich explained. “McCarthy flashed something between a wince and a grimace whenever Trump was mentioned. He looked worried that a ceiling fan was about to drop on his head.”