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Fox News Dumps Trump

Here’s what happened…

Ever since former President Donald Trump came into office Republican voters have developed a mistrust with the conservative media giant Fox News.

Now it appears Fox has once again taunted conservatives by suggesting that Trump is “unfit” for a second term in 2024.

According to The Wrap, Fox News Legal Analyst and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy spoke to Fox News analysts Jonathan Turley, John Roberts and Anita Vogel.

During their conversation McCarthy said that after listening to the hearings it was clear that Trump showed his “unfitness” for office and that Trump may be “guilty of a crime.”

During his appearance he said there was “no defending what President Trump did on Jan. 6, 2021. If you were a defense lawyer, if you were someone with a different perspective than the anti-Trump perspective that’s carried by the committee, I don’t think there’s any defending what President Trump did. The most you could do would be to try to put it in some kind of a mitigating context.”