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VIDEO: Biden ERUPTS On Reporter Again

VIDEO: Biden ERUPTS On Reporter Again


Biden is losing his marbles.

President Biden’s insane $3.5 trillion spending bill is currently stuck in limbo and things aren’t looking good for the Democrat party as they continue to fight amongst themselves in order to pass it.

Biden has failed or ruined just about everything he has touched since he came into office and he along with the Democrat Party cannot afford to let this bill fail.

That became more clear then ever when Biden appeared to get offended by a reporter who asked him “Why has it been so challenging to unite the party?” as Biden was being escorted away by his handlers.

Biden, who is constantly told by his staff to avoid any and all questions from the media, couldn’t control himself and expressed anger towards the reporter.

Biden paused, looked back at the reporter and shouted, “Are you serious?!

What Biden said after was unclear but he then said, “50-50! Come on man. 50-50…unite the party!