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Southern Border Collapses


This is pure madness.

The leader of the U.S. Border Patrol issued a memorandum permitting the discharge of undocumented immigrants into the country without scheduled court appearances in the event of overpopulation, as the Biden government races to manage an unprecedented influx of migrants at the border in anticipation of the conclusion of Title 42.

According to the memorandum, in situations of overcrowding, migrants may be admitted into the country through the parole system, which is typically reserved for cases of “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.” This approach is referred to as “parole with conditions,” and it mandates that migrants make an appointment with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or apply for a Notice to Appear by mail.

According to Fox, when migrants are granted parole release, they are swiftly discharged into the country without being assigned an alien registration number or given a court date.

Parole is authorized in three scenarios: when the capacity of a sector exceeds 125%, when agents apprehend 7,000 individuals within 72 hours, or when the average duration of custody surpasses 60 hours.


Since Monday, agents have been coming across more than 10,000 migrants per day, and there are no indications of a decline, particularly with the anticipated end of Title 42, which is likely to trigger an even larger influx.

The memorandum highlighted the massive volume of migrants that agents are currently encountering.

According to the memo, over the last seven days, the United States Border Patrol (USBP) has had an average of more than 8,750 encounters per day. This number is more than double the average daily encounters of 4,284 in May of 2019, which was the highest month during the 2019 surge. Despite having a significant number of personnel along the Southwest border, ample detention capacity, and interagency resources supporting the effort, the memo states that this situation necessitates immediate action.

Since March 2020, the public health order has been utilized to expel more than two million migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biden administration has informed migrants that the lifting of the order will not result in easier entry to the United States, as stricter penalties will be imposed until Title 8. However, it is essential to note that parole is not a Title 8 authority.