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Voters Give Up On Trump


Are voters really turning on Trump?

A recent statewide poll in Wisconsin revealed that a significant number of Republican voters are becoming disillusioned with former President Trump. The poll indicated that in a direct primary contest, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis secured a 16-point lead over Trump among Wisconsin Republicans.

According to Wisconsin state Sen. Duey Stroebel, a Republican, the poll results indicate that voters in the state are questioning Trump’s ability to win elections, especially in light of his recent indictment. Stroebel noted that DeSantis, on the other hand, has adopted a campaign approach that is perceived as more sensible and level-headed.

According to Fox, Stroebel expressed his admiration for Trump’s performance as president, acknowledging his accomplishments. However, he also emphasized the impressive qualities of DeSantis and highlighted the growing skepticism among people regarding Trump’s chances of winning a general election. Stroebel believes that the poll results provide evidence supporting this sentiment.

In the recently released Marquette University Law School Poll, it was found that Trump held a narrow lead of one percentage point over DeSantis in the crowded GOP primary field. However, when respondents were specifically asked about their preference in a direct face-off between DeSantis and Trump, the results showed a significant margin in favor of DeSantis, with 57% of respondents choosing him compared to 41% for Trump.


John Righeimer, the chairman of the Republican Party of Sawyer County, Wisconsin, has observed a notable surge in enthusiasm for DeSantis compared to Trump in recent months.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, John Righeimer expressed his belief that Trump would not be able to secure a victory in the general election. Righeimer speculated that Democrats prefer to face Trump as their opponent, as they have confidence in their ability to defeat him. He further suggested that Biden’s success in the previous election was primarily due to the strong negative sentiment towards Trump, even though Biden campaigned with limited public appearances.

Righeimer went on to express his belief that if a candidate like Ron DeSantis were running, Joe Biden would not be able to remain secluded from public appearances. Righeimer argued that DeSantis’s candidacy would compel Democrats to actively defend their policies and actions, rather than relying solely on the perception that opposition to Trump would secure their victory.

State Senator Stroebel put forth the argument that Trump has shown a tendency to adopt more liberal positions on matters such as abortion. In contrast, Stroebel described DeSantis as a consistently conservative candidate who has maintained steadfast positions on important issues.

Stroebel highlighted an interesting finding from the Marquette poll, stating that 21% of respondents remained undecided in selecting a Republican nominee. This indicates a significant portion of the electorate that has yet to make a decision regarding their preferred candidate.