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How can Schiff get away with this?

Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, generated $8.1 million in funding for his Senate campaign during the second quarter of 2023. Following contributions from over 144,000 unique donors, Schiff’s campaign reported that he concluded the quarter with approximately $30 million in available cash.

According to The Hill, Brad Elkins, Schiff’s campaign manager, said the significant cash on hand positions the campaign favorably for an effective run as the primary election draws nearer. Elkins expressed confidence in the resonance of Schiff’s message and his track record of accomplishments, emphasizing the support received from the people of California.


Recently, House Republicans censured Schiff due to his past remarks criticizing former President Trump’s alleged connections with Russia. Schiff, who spearheaded the initial impeachment effort against Trump, regarded the censure as a point of pride and leveraged it to raise funds.

In the upcoming Senate race to fill the seat of retiring Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, Schiff is contending against fellow Democratic Representatives Katie Porter and Barbara Lee. The competition for the Senate position is anticipated to be fiercely contested.