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Democrats Threaten Senior Citizens?

Here’s what happened…

Republican Rep. James Comer called out Democrat lawmakers and said that he was upset with how they continue to try and “scare” senior citizens by claiming that the Republican Party keeps trying to cut social security benefits as well as medicare.

Comer then doubled down against their claims and said that Republicans have no plans whatsoever to cut any benefits for senior citizens.

According to The Hill, Comer stated, “It’s very disappointing that the president and Chuck Schumer would continue to try to scare seniors. These are important programs to everyone.”

The rumors of cutting social security and medicare benefits have been popping up in recent days due to the Democrats and Republicans fighting over the debt ceiling and it is unclear which side has been spreading these accusations.

President Biden and the Democrats are refusing to cut down on their government spending by any means and it appears to conservatives that the only place they intend to cut funding is to social security and medicare while also claiming that the Republicans want to do it.

Comer later said, “We’re gonna come forward with a plan. We’re still debating that plan. We’re having robust debate amongst our conference.”