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BREAKING: Schiff Puts Pence In His Crosshairs And Ruth Bader Ginsburg Rigs Senate

BREAKING: Schiff Puts Pence In His Crosshairs And Ruth Bader Ginsburg Rigs Senate


These guys are doing EVERYTHING They can to get Trump and now PENCE out of the White House.

This is without a doubt the dirtiest attack we have seen leading up to impeachment so far. Not only is Schiff now gunning for Mike Pence, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is coaching the Democrats on how to screw the Republicans.

According to the Gateway Pundit, in a move that can only be described as totally insane, Rep. Adam Schiff is now calling for the impeachment of Vice President Mike Pence so that Nancy Pelosi can take over the Presidency!

Adam Schiff: Well, we have acquired a piece of evidence, classified by Jennifer Williams, something she alluded to in her open testimony. Then going back and looking through her records she found other information that was pertinent to that phone call that we asked her about and made that submission. There is nothing that is classified in the document but the vice president’s office has said they are going to classify… It is not proper to classify something because it would be embarrassing or incriminating. And that submission does shed light on the vice president’s knowledge. We think the American people should see it.



As if this discovery isn’t already bad enough, now Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of all people, is trying to RIG President Trump’s Senate impeachment!

In a recent interview with BBC, Hot Air is reporting the Ginsburg suggested that any Senator that doesn’t seem fair and impartial, such as Lindsey Graham or even Mitch McConnell, be REMOVED from impeachment proceedings!

Justice Ginsburg: “The House indicts, and the Senate tries. Should a trier be impartial? Of course, that’s the job of an impartial judge.”

This is totally insane and completely unjust and frankly it has our blood boiling! These scum bag Democrats not only want Trump out of the White House they want Pelosi of all people to become president! Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Image credit: Raw Story