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Biden At His Lowest


Biden needs to resign.

It now appears that President Biden’s dismal approval rating has hit an all new record low even though Democrats in Congress have pulled off some major victories.

According to Investors, while gas prices have come down slightly and Biden successfully assassinated al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, American voters still aren’t happy with President Biden.


A new IBD/TIPP Poll found that President Biden’s approval rating fell by 2.1 points to 42.4 in just a month. The poll found that 57.6% of Americans currently disapprove of President Biden.

When looking at the polls full survey group, it found that only 39% of American adults approve of Biden’s handling of the presidency. Furthermore, Biden’s net -14 approval rating deteriorated from July’s -9 (40% approval and 49% disapproval) and June’s -12 (37%-49%).

Biden is in deep trouble regarding his approval rating. Things got worse for him after his recent COVID-19 health scared where Biden tested positive for a second time after first getting infected. Americans appear to be even less confident in the president now.