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Crist To Defeat DeSantis In Florida Governor’s Race


Here’s what we know…

In a shocking turn of events, it has now been learned that Florida Governor and Republican heavy weight Ron DeSantis only hold a narrow three point lead over his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist. DeSantis is regarded as one of the best governor’s the state of Florida has ever had, it is shocking to see him so close to Crist in the polls.

According to The Hill, the new discovery was made by an AARP poll. The polling data found that DeSantis held 50 percent support with voters compared to Crist who had 47 percent support. These polling numbers also fall within a margin of error which means that both DeSantis and Crist are virtually tied.

When breaking down the polling information, among voters aged 18 to 49 years old, Crist holds a 51 percent advantage compared to DeSantis who holds 49 percent.


However for voters aged 50 plus, DeSantis holds a 7-percentage point lead compared to Crist.

All of this information comes down to one single demographic now: independent voters. Whether or not Ron DeSantis gets a second term will come down to just the independent voters.

Florida is a heavily red state and Governor DeSantis has lead Florida with very little complaints from Floridians. It would be a bombshell upset if Crist and the Democrats were able to pull off a victory. Florida Republicans should make voting this election their top priority if they want to keep DeSantis.