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Biden Caught Spying On Top Republican?


How strange.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, recently shared her concerns about a potential hacking incident involving her television. According to Greene, her TV mysteriously turned on by itself during the weekend, raising suspicions that an unknown individual may have attempted to gain unauthorized access.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Greene wrote on Twitter, “Last night in my DC residence, the television turned on by itself and the screen showed someone’s laptop trying to connect to the TV.”

She added, “Just for the record: I’m very happy. I’m also very healthy and eat well and exercise a lot. I don’t smoke and never have. I don’t take any medications. I am not vaccinated. So I’m not concerned about blood clots, heart conditions, strokes, or anything else.”


“Nor do I have anything to hide. I just love my country and the people and know how much they’ve been screwed over by the corrupt people in our government and I’m not willing to be quiet about it, or willing to go along with it.”

Following the incident with her television turning on by itself, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter to share a link to a 2019 CBS News article. The article discussed an FBI warning regarding security vulnerabilities associated with smart TVs.

The FBI had cautioned consumers about the potential for hackers to exploit these devices, highlighting concerns that hackers could gain unauthorized access to cameras and microphones, thereby intruding on users’ privacy.

Political analyst Craig Agranoff provided insight into Greene’s tweet, describing it as peculiar and difficult to interpret with certainty. He noted that it could be perceived as aligning with her past conspiracy theories about government surveillance. Agranoff also highlighted Greene’s history of making exaggerated claims that have been debunked, suggesting that this incident may be another example of such behavior.