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Trump’s Mugshot Released?


This is infuriating!

Atlanta authorities have emphasized that Donald Trump will receive no special treatment compared to an ordinary defendant during his legal proceedings in the Fulton County court system. They have confirmed that he will be subjected to the usual protocols, including having his mugshot taken and the possibility of his trial being televised.

According to Daily Beast, this approach stands in sharp contrast to Trump’s previous encounters with the law. In his initial three indictments, he managed to avoid having a mugshot captured and his court hearings were mostly conducted behind closed doors in jurisdictions that prohibit courtroom live-streaming.

Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat recently stated, “Unless I receive contrary instructions, we will adhere to our standard procedures, meaning that regardless of your status, a mugshot will be taken.”

However, the inaugural presidential mugshot might not be released promptly. Authorities have granted Trump until noon on August 25th to voluntarily surrender to authorities in Georgia, where he and 18 others were indicted on various charges, including racketeering, on Monday night.

Should local law enforcement maintain their stance on Trump’s arrest, the sheriff’s website outlines the process: he will be taken to the main jail on Rice Road, northwest of downtown Atlanta. This facility, located beyond Bankhead, a neighborhood celebrated for its hip-hop culture and housing the Trap Music Museum, will be the site of his intake.


Once at the jail, standard procedure includes medical assessments, fingerprinting, and checks for any outstanding warrants before the mugshot photo is captured. Subsequently, individuals await their court appearance.

The sheriff’s website outlines, “All arrestees who do not post bail will appear before a judge within 24 hours of arrest. If arrested on a weekend, their court appearance will be on Monday.”

Sheriff Labat is not alone in asserting that Trump will be treated like any other defendant in Fulton County. Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney allowed cameras to document Trump’s processing on Monday, indicating this will likely be the norm throughout his legal proceedings.

Legal expert Josh Schiffer mentioned that cameras are generally permitted in Georgia courtrooms unless the identities of involved parties need protection, as is the case in sexual offense trials or those involving underage witnesses. He remarked, “Georgia courts typically allow media and the public in to ensure transparency in our legal process.”

Despite this, Trump made it clear on Tuesday morning that he has no intentions of surrendering in Atlanta anytime soon. He announced on Fact Social that he will hold a “significant press conference” on Monday in Bedminster, New Jersey.