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Schumer Tries To Cover Up Humiliating Photo


Schumer wants this image banned from the internet.

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer faced an unexpected challenge on Father’s Day—not from the grill but from social media critics.

Schumer, who hails from Brooklyn, shared a cheerful photo on X (formerly Twitter) showing him by a grill with burger patties and hot dogs, and he seemed thrilled.

“For years, our family lived in an apartment, but now my daughter and her wife have a house with a backyard,” Schumer wrote. “We’re having our first barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill! Father’s Day Heaven!”

However, the senator’s grilling technique soon became the subject of scrutiny. Many commenters pointed out what they saw as a premature placement of cheese on an undercooked burger patty.

“Chuck, I love you, but the cheese goes on after the burger is cooked,” one user suggested.


Another commented, “That burger could use more time on the grill, Chuck.”

Former National Republican Senatorial Committee member Matt Whitlock joined the critique, sharing a gif of a concerned Steve Carell and highlighting the cheese-on-raw-patty issue.

Amidst the criticism, some users defended the 73-year-old senator. One user explained, “It’s not raw/cold; it’s a veggie burger patty with a slice of tofu.”

Another user shared their own grilling mishap, tweeting, “Chuck Schumer is doing better than me. My grill had a grease fire and ruined my Father’s Day ribeye.”

Following the wave of comments, Schumer decided to remove the photo and tweet, although he kept his initial Father’s Day message.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!” he had wished earlier, maintaining a positive note on the special day.