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Republican Voters Drop Trump After GA Indictment


Are Republicans letting the mainstream media and Democrats get in their heads?

More than half of the individuals surveyed in the United States have expressed their reluctance to endorse former President Trump as the Republican nominee in the upcoming 2024 general election, according to a poll that was made public on Wednesday.

Accoridng to The Hill, the poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research indicated that 53 percent of Americans firmly stated their unwillingness to back Trump should he secure the nomination. Additionally, 11 percent conveyed their likelihood of not supporting him.

These fresh statistics emerge against the backdrop of an apparent increase in Republican backing for Trump since April, even as he confronts various legal challenges.


Within the poll, 63 percent of Republicans indicated their desire for Trump to participate in the election once more, which reflects a slight uptick from April’s figures when 55 percent shared the same sentiment. Furthermore, the former president’s favorability has ascended among Republicans, with approximately 7 in 10 individuals now holding a positive view of him—a rise from 60 percent merely two months ago.

Almost three-quarters of Republicans have also affirmed their intention to stand behind Trump if he secures the GOP nomination. It’s noteworthy that this poll was conducted prior to Trump and 18 associates being indicted in Georgia on Monday for their alleged involvement in efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

In contrast to the sentiment towards Trump, President Biden encounters relatively weaker opposition, with only 43 percent of Americans definitively stating their intention not to vote for him in 2024. An additional 11 percent expressed a probable disinclination to support him.

The survey was carried out between August 10 and 14, encompassing 1,165 adults, and holds a margin of error of approximately 3.8 percentage points.