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Corruption Found Within Supreme Court?


This is surprising.

In a surprising turn of events, it has just been learned that more Americans than ever before in recent history now believe that the Supreme Court is fundamentally partisan.

According to The Hill, new data has found that the American publics approval of the Supreme Court has reached a historic low. The American people now believe that the Supreme Courts decisions depend heavily on politics, rather than law.

As of right now, nearly 75% of Republican voters approve of the Supreme Courts recent job performance while only 13% of Democrat voters believe the Supreme Court is fair.


Americans’ opinion of the Supreme Court drastically changed after they rules on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case which ended up revoking a constitutional right to abortion.

The Heritage Foundation’s John Malcolm explained, “The Left was used to, for the most part, getting its way with the court. Now that the Left is not getting its way with the court, they’re trying to tear it down and delegitimize it.” 

People on the left however no longer believe the Supreme Court is legitimate. A number of them have pointed to the spouse of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and said that her close involvement with the Trump campaign proved very problematic.

Law professor at Georgetown University Caroline Fredrickson raised issues with Thomas’ wife following the 2020 presidential election and said, “The idea that you have the spouse of a Supreme Court justice advocating for overthrowing the government — sui generis, I think.”