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GOP Senator Sabotages Trump Over Ginsburg

GOP Senator Sabotages Trump Over Ginsburg


This CANNOT be happening right now!

These RINO’s in the Republican party are becoming a really major issue.

While Democrats continue to go into a full blown panic over the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Republican party is now having to deal with traitors in their own Senate majority who could sabotage President Trump and Mitch McConnell’s SCOTUS nomination.

According to the Gateway Pundit, RINO Senator Susan Collins has teamed up with RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski and is now against having President Trump and Mitch McConnell fill Ginsburg’s newly vacated seat.


Currently the Supreme Court is in a 4-4 split and as Senator Ted Cruz warned, not having Ginsburg’s seat filled before the election could spell doom for President Trump if the election goes awry.

Seeing as how Democrats have already pushed vote-by-mail and other election tomfoolery, we will likely be heavily dependent on the Supreme Court after election day.

Here’s RINO Susan Collins’ statement urging Senate not to fill Ginsburg’s seat before the election:

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