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GOP Panics After This


Here’s what the left is saying…

President Biden has driven this country into the ground. We can begin to explain however most of America already knows the issues. From inflation and illegal immigration to geopolitical instability across the world, it seems like everything Biden touches turns to dust.

Now, the only thing that President Biden has left to brag about is the good jobs market here in the U.S. and liberal media outlets like MSNBC won’t stop talking about.

Recently, MSNBC issued a hit pieced directed at conservatives asking why Republican lawmakers aren’t talking about the robust jobs market in America.


MSNBC targeted top Republicans such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and asked why they have not held any press releases or made any public comments about the 428,000 jobs which were added in April. They are claiming that conservatives are panicking over Biden’s amazing job numbers.

However the real question is, is this really something to celebrate? While there is one good thing going on in the economy have the mainstream media and Democrats forgotten that they are celebrating one victory while there is a forest fire of bad news surrounding the United States?

Gas prices higher than ever, inflation is making food unaffordable and young Americans cannot afford to buy homes all thanks to Joe Biden’s presidency. But hey, at least middle class Americans can how easily find a 2nd or even 3rd job to pay for President Biden’s soaring gas prices.