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Fox News Under Threat


This was unexpected.

Just when Democrats couldn’t get anymore hypocritical, they have now turned their focus onto Fox News and are attacking them for their decision not to air any coverage of the Jan 6th hearings.

Now according to the Recount, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stood on the Senate floor and attacked Fox News,

Schumer went as far as accusing Fox’s Tucker Carlson of spreading messages of White Supremacy while at the same time refusing to share any media coverage of what he claimed was the “deadliest attack” on America’s Democracy.

Schumer then claimed that Fox made a “disgusting” and “treacherous” decision. Maybe Schumer should look at other news organizations such as CNN or MSNBC to see what all they have decided not to show the American people.

Funny how Democrats keep changing the narrative for just about everything under the sun.