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Democrats Lure Illegals Into U.S.


This is shocking!

President Biden and the Department of Homeland Security recently gained the support of nearly all Democrat Senators in a vote that would create a new immigration pipeline that would bring more illegals than ever before into the United States.

According to Breitbart, all Democrats except Senator Joe Manchin voted in favor of a plan that would bring more illegals into the U.S. Manchin voted with the Republican party and thankfully prevented the bill from being passed, for now.


The new rule, which has been created by the head of Biden’s DHS Alejandro Mayorkas, could allow lower-level officials and even those who may be political activists to gift amnesty and maybe even citizenship to an UNLIMITED amount of migrants who cross the border.

It was shocking to see just how many Democrats voted in favor of this new rule. One source even went as far as saying that Democrats were “dangling” asylum and citizenship to illegals in an attempt to lure more of them into the United States.

Thankfully the vote did not have enough support to pass however Democrats will attempt to do it again very soon.